Kick-off meeting

22-23. November 2012 - Budapest, Hungary

Friday, November 23, 2012
The Kick-off meeting of the project was arranged in Hungary, organized by the project coordinator (P0-Várnai Oktatási és Könyvvizsgáló Kft) in Budapest on the 22-23. November 2012.

Key issues were as follows:

  • Overview of the „ECVET – Health-Tourism” project
  • Presentation of the transferred product MoU
  • Project management (I) – General issues
    • Presentation of the management strategy and plan
    • General presentation of the working programmes (WP1 – WP8) – aims, activities, work load, division of tasks, results
  • Project management (II) – Specific issues
    • Management of human resources; Making list of the proposed groups, Mailing lists, Skype contacts of the partners
    • Identification of congresses, publications, target organisations on national and EU level, stakeholders, networks of professional institutions and groups, EU websites related with the field by all partners
  • Schedule for the next 6 months
    • List of proposals and improvements for the discussed issues
    • Next steps
    • Making appointments
  • Project management (III) – Specific issues
    • Visual identity
    • Valorization
  • Financial issues
    • Presentation of general rules, eligibility
    • Main categories of costs
    • Presentation of financial documents
  • Setting up the project WEB site
    • Presentation of portal architecture
    • Presentation of WEB site structure (proposal)
    • Project logo