2nd Consortium meeting, Infoday and Focus Group

3-4. April 2013 - Brussels, Belgium

Friday, March 29, 2013
2nd Consortium meeting, Infoday and Focus Group, 3-4. April 2013 - Brussels, Belgium

The 2nd Consortium meeting of the project was arranged in Belgium, organized by the Belgian project partner (P2 - DIESIS COOP) in Brussels on the 3-4. April 2013.

Key issues were as follows:

3rd April 2013

• Introduction of new staff involved in the project
• Presentation, by each partner, of WP 2 (Analysis and preparatory researches on the field of professional figures in health tourism) results;
• Discussion on the WP2 draft report and its shared validation by the partners
o All the partners agreed to work with the 3 following profiles:
 fitness/wellness assistant
 masseur
 health tourism manager
• Discussion on Project work planning, in particular for the WP 3 “Definition of an action plan for the ECVET process to be activated in the field of professional figures in health tourism”
• Discussion on the key actors who partners have to involve
• Discussion introduced by the Project manager on WP 1 “Management and coordination of project Consortium and work packages” , WP 7 “Quality management”, WP 8 “Dissemination and exploitation of project results”:
o Dissemination
o Next tasks and definition of responsible working group
o Project deliverable R7: Project website
o Feedback on financial reporting
o Results
o Next steps
o Next appointments

4th April 2013 Infoday and Focus group

• Welcoming of guests from the President of DIESIS (P2)
• Round table: presentation of partners
• Presentation of the Health Tourism project: An ECVET process to put in transparency and recognise across Europe the learning outcomes and the qualifications of the professional figures in the health tourism sector.
• Presentation of the 3 selected profiles
o fitness/wellness assistant
o masseur
o health tourism manager
• Summary regarding to the definition of health tourism, health tourism education and wellness
• Focus group: on Analysis and preparatory researches on the professional figures in health tourism sector in Europe
• Focus group: on which way partners can work together with the stakeholders during the project



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