3rd Consortium Meeting, Infoday and Focus Group

18-19. June 2013 - Perugia, Italy

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
3rd Consortium Meeting, Infoday and Focus Group, 18-19. June 2013 - Perugia, Italy

The 3rd Consortium meeting of the project was arranged in Italy, organized by the Italian project partner (P1 - Aris Formazione e Ricerca Società Cooperativa) in Perugia on the 18-19. June 2013.

Key issues were as follows:

18 June 2013

• Presentations of the key actors
o All partners presented their Stakeholders map and their Key actors detection grid
o Dissemination plan
• Who is signing the MoU?
• We should define
o Why it is beneficial for them to sign?
o Why you have to be involved?
o Why you have to endorse?
• Presentation of the advanced draft of the “Action plan for the ECVET process to be activated in the field of professional figures in the health tourism sector”
• Presentation of researches by partners about similar ECVET projects and best practices
• Discussion on the presented Action plan and its shared validation by the partners
• Presentation by the coordinator partner of the experience of the first monitoring
• Conclusion:
o Cosmetician instead of masseur!
o On the Infoday 30-40 persons should be invited and attend
o Other dissemination activities should be prepared
o Dissemination strategy has to be created
• Project work planning, in particular for the WP 4 “Design of professional figures in health tourism in terms of activities, tasks, knowledge, skills, competences, certification objectives, units of learning outcomes and related ECVET credits ”
• The 3 professions that were discusses and agreed by the partners:
o Cosmetician
o Health tourism manager
o Fitness-wellness assistant
• Date of next meeting in Satu Mare, Romania: 21-22. November 2013.
• Quality questionnaires were handed out by P0, and were filled out by all partners

19 June 2013 Infoday and Focus group

• Round table consultation with the director of Borgobrufa**** spa resort, about the organization, the partners had possibility to ask him about the requirements for the professions that the partners chose to adapt.
• Partners went through the GANTT, to summarize the tasks and result already done.
• Memorandum of Understanding
• Pilot testing
• Learning Agreements ECVET: definition and signature
• ECVET Credits Awarding
• Transferring, validation and accumulation of the awarded ECVET credits in the sectoral and territorial VET systems involved in the MoU



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